Student Awards

KEEN Bridge Design Competition

Congratulations to JMU and VMI Teams!

Ten total universities across the country competed in the KEEN Bridge Design Competition on February 6, 2024.  This competition was held remotely on Zoom where all participating teams took turns demonstrated their beam’s load carrying capacity.

The competition rules defined the number of pink or blue Styrofoam sheets that could be used in the size of ½” by 18” by 36”, joined with limited amounts of hot glue. The goal was to maximize the center-point loading using a strap and any weights at the local university.  Included in these ten were members of ASCE’s Virginia Section Student Chapters at James Madison University (JMU) and Virginia Military Institute (VMI). 

Congratulations go out to the JMU team for their design which held 60 lbs. landing them in 4th place overall. VMI ranked 9th place for their design which held 19.6 lbs. The winning team from the South Dakota School of Mines won with their bridge holding 87 lbs.