March 2023 Engineer of the Month

March 2023 – Bryan W. Stevenson, PE, DBIA, M. ASCE

Bryan Stevenson is a Senior Project Delivery Engineer for the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) Alternative Project Delivery Division managing Design-Build project procurements.  Prior to joining VDOT, Bryan was in private sector consulting as an engineer and project manager.  His experience in the private industry was in roadway design and civil site design on industrial, institutional, subdivisions, multifamily, commercial and office projects.

Bryan has a BS in Civil Engineering from Virginia Tech.  While at Virginia Tech, Bryan served in board positions and as a DJ at WUVT.

Bryan has been involved in ASCE since attending Virginia Tech.  He has proudly served in ASCE Richmond Branch officer positions, on the Virginia Section Stormwater Technical committee,

as national Chair of ASCE State Government Relations Committee and as a mentor. Currently Bryan is serving as the DBIA Central Virginia Chapter Program and Events Committee Chair.  Bryan is also involved in Virginia Tech’s Land Development Design Initiative (LDDI) previously serving on the Advisory Board and mentoring Land Development and Municipal Engineering courses.

Bryan grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and still visits family there regularly.  He has lived in the Richmond area since college.

Bryan is married to Heidi, a healthcare analyst.  They have a son Nate (a first year at UVA) and a daughter Jackie (junior in high school).  Bryan enjoys cooking, going to concerts, listening and playing music, sports and being outside.

Engineer of the Month Questionnaire

Question 1. What do you consider your major achievements in civil engineering in our Section area?

I am lucky to have worked on so many unique projects in different sectors and performing different roles. It is always so rewarding seeing something you worked on with a team  constructed.  Some memorable projects have been the Richmond Justice Center, GRTC Bus Rapid Transit, Renovations of Willow Lawn, I-66 Inside the Beltway and Quantico Corporate Center.

Question 2. Why did you decide on a career in civil engineering?

My grandfather was a civil engineer (and a member of ASCE) but I went to college not really considering civil as an option.   I did not realize the breadth of civil engineering until researching the profession. When I did, I quickly realized it was a good fit.  I find it rewarding that the projects you work on serve people as soon as they are done and likely long after your life span.

This is why I think promoting civil engineering is important.  Not only can you spark interest in a future engineer, but you can communicate to future citizens about civil engineers’ contributions to the constructed world around them.  It is easy to take the infrastructure for granted.

Question 3. Provide some career guidance for young civil engineers.

Here are two I share with young civil engineers:

Don’t burn your bridges.  You never know who or in what relationship you will cross paths with people in your career. 

When a time with your employer is done, leave with your head up, appreciating what you did and what you learned.  Even if it was something you did not want to do, you had the opportunity to learn that. 

Question 4. What do you consider the major challenge to a career in civil engineering?

I think recruiting and retaining employees to the profession is and will be a challenge.  Part of this is pay but it is also about growing the profession with the workforce.   This includes flexibility and supplying the resources and training necessary to keep up with changes in technology, laws and public policy.

Another challenge is being responsible with the management and training of young engineers.  We will be backfilling positions for many years.  This can create opportunities, which is great, but you have to give young engineers an opportunity to make mistakes (and grow from them) without it causing risk to the individual or your company/ agency. 

Question 5. Tell us about your volunteer activities. What is the motivating factor for volunteering? How has being a volunteer enriched your professional career?

In addition to the ASCE, DBIA and Virginia Tech, I’ve volunteered at PTA’s at all school levels, coaching baseball and softball at Tuckahoe Little League, Boy Scouts and the Richmond Folk Festival.  I love interacting with people, helping people and feeling part of something that serves the common good. I think volunteering has been great for my professional career by giving me an opportunity to work with all types of people and in different situations and scenarios.  It creates a better self awareness and helps you understand people.