Marvin Hilton, PE

In 2002 Marvin Hilton suggested that the State of Virginia should have a Continuing Education requirement to maintain a Professional License. Many other States had already done so, and he felt it was time for Virginia to follow suite. The VA Section Board of Directors (BOD) agreed and suggested that Marvin write up a draft proposal. Marvin was surprised at first, and the BOD said it is your idea Marvin, write it up, which he did,

A couple of months later Marvin had a draft that followed acceptable format for consideration by the State Assembly, as Marvin had worked during numerous past legislative sessions and knew how they operated. Marvin was then told to send it on to the APELCIDLA Board. “Without a VA Section BOD review, Marvin said?” Yes, was the answer because it was known that the APELCIDLA Board would further massage it anyway.

The APELCIDLA Board decided to send the Draft to the VA Professional Engineers Society, who further coordinated it with all the other disciplines that were licensed under the APELCIDALA Board because the Board wanted something that would apply to all the disciplines.  A final draft was sent to the Board who in turn sent it to the State Legislature for a preliminary review before submitting the proposal officially to be passed into Law.

After much discussion, the Legislature, while not keen on more regulatory requirements, realized that continuing education was something everyone needed, and agreed to act on the proposal.  Following two successive years of approvals by the Legislature, the proposal became law in 2006. The law directed the APELCIDLA Board to develop regulations to implement the law.

To the “Father of the Continuing Education Requirement for Maintaining a Professional Engineers License in the State and Commonwealth of Virginia”, The Virginia Section, American Society of Civil Engineers wishes to extend this, “Thank you and job well done, 1989 Past President, Virginia Section ASCE, Mr. Marvin J. Hilton, PE, Member, ASCE.”

Recognition given on this 22nd day of March in the year of our Lord, 2022, at the Centennial Celebration GALA of the Virginia Section, American Society of Civil Engineers, in Richmond, Virginia, USA.