President’s Message

Ashley Fenouil, PE – Virginia Section President

A year of fighting through a global pandemic, confronting hard truths, and committing to social justice has forced us to take time to reflect and remember what’s important.  In some ways, it has also brought to light the importance of our profession as civil engineers. This year it was especially critical that front line workers had reliable infrastructure to get to work, and ventilated buildings to work from when they got there. It was especially critical that goods could be transported to support the influx of delivery services and keep shelves stocked (we all know you ran toward the toilet paper the first time you finally saw it on the shelf..!). It was especially critical that people had reliable utilities at their homes where they were suddenly spending more time – like access to clean water, and internet services both for adults at work and children at school. As civil engineers, we’re the ones who got to work in the background to support the public. Even if no one thanked you directly, know that they were thanking you when they were singing in their shower (that was supplied with clean water on-demand), getting excited as they received a package, and taking walks with smiles on their faces along trails and sidewalks that you provided, in an environment that you’ve worked to protect.

I’m proud of the way our profession has gotten to work. In my personal career I have had the opportunity to touch a lot of different civil engineering disciplines – the breadth of what we cover is one of my favorite parts of the job.

With the support of a strong and dedicated team, I am excited to assume the role of President for the VA Section in 2020/2021 and get to work on a statewide level to bring you professional support. We are always open to hearing what our members need and how we can add value to your professional careers – or your professional social life! Drop us a note any time with feedback; we’d love your input.