Virginia’s Student Conference 2015

Events on 10 Apr , 2015

On a mild, overcast April weekend, the screams and chants of students took over the Town of Lexington, VA.  Bewildered and intrigued looks came from rescue divers, tourists and locals as concrete canoes were launched and steel bridges erected.  The 2015 ASCE Virginia Student Conference was held on April 9-11 at the campus of Virginia Military Institute in Lexington, Va.

All fourteen schools were in attendance.  There was an overwhelming attendance in the national AISC Steel Bridge and the National Concrete Canoe Competitions.  Steel Bridge has 12 bridges entered into competition, while only 2 bridges making it through to the end to compete at Nationals in Kansas City. Nine Concrete Canoes competed. Virginia Tech and George Mason will be representing the Virginias Conference at the Steel Bridge Competition in Kansas City.  Fairmont State University won concrete canoe for the twelve year in a row and will be attending the national concrete canoe competition at Clemson University.  Winners for the other competitions are noted below.  The 2016 Virginias Student Conference will be held in Washington, DC at The George Washington University.


Survey Environmental Transportation Mystery Quiz
3rd Place MU 3rd Place VT 3rd Place GMU 3rd Place VT
2nd Place BSC 2nd Place GMU 2nd Place WV TECH 2nd Place UVA
1st Place UVA 1st Place MU 1st Place WVU 1st Place WV TECH

Concrete Canoe


Women’s Endurance Men’s Endurance Women’s Sprint Men’s Sprint
3rd Place UVA 3rd Place WVU 3rd Place WVU 3rd Place VT
2nd Place WVU 2nd Place GMU 2nd Place VMI 2nd Place GMU
1st Place FSU 1st Place FSU 1st Place FSU 1st Place FSU


3rd Place MU
2nd Place VMI
1st Place FSU
Final Product Design Paper Presentation Final
3rd Place MU 3rd Place WV TECH 3rd Place FSU 3rd Place WV TECH
2nd Place VT 2nd Place FSU 2nd Place WV TECH 2nd Place VT
1st Place FSU 1st Place MU 1st Place VT 1st Place FSU

Steel Bridge

Construction Speed Virginia Tech
Lightness Virginia Tech
Display Virginia Tech
Stiffness George Mason
Economy Virginia Tech
Efficiency Virginia Tech
2nd Place George Mason
1st Place Virginia Tech


Marr Technical Paper Competition

School Participant Topic
3rd Place UVA Anne Menefee Optimizing Nutrient Recycling of Hydrothernal Algae-to-Biofuel Production Processes
2nd Place WVU Laura Dalton Rheological Properties of Foamed Cement
1st Place GWU Emily Porter From Materials Science to Pedstrian Intersections: Modeling and Simulating Pedestrian Flow Dynamics


Hardy Cross Oratory Competition

School Participant Topic
3rd Place UVA Lara Sisman NO2 Emissions from Algae Cultivations
2nd Place WVU Colin Frosch Shared Space: Back to the Basics
1st Place MU David Cooper Development of an Intelligent Diagnosis System to Evaluate Mine Roof Bolt Integrity


Thompson Award Winners

School Faculty Advisor Winner
UVA Johnathan Goodall Adam Maguire
VPI Paolo Scardina Hillary Siegall
ODU Gary Schafran Albert To
VMI Chuck Newhouse Cadet Peter Buehlmann