STEM Camp at Danahoe Elementary , Henrico VA










On 25th May 2016, STEM Camp was organized for 5th Grade students by Danhoe Elementary School in Henrico, Virginia. Rajan Jha ( ASCE Vice President) was one of the 6 invited STEM professionals who shared their job experience and significance of science & technology in everyday’s life.  Rajan helped students understand the role of a Civil Engineer and encouraged them to pursue one as a career. “Civil Engineers keep life running on this planet. From building infrastructures, providing clean drinking water and driving safely on the roads; civil engineers are  everywhere”, Rajan said.

The Kids presented their “Water Filter” design project and expressed their concern of unsafe drinking water in developing countries. Looking at them, all we can say is that our future is in safe hands. Special thanks to Heather A. Theakston ( 5th Grade teacher) for organizing this event. ASCE Virginia encourages more of our members to participate in the upcoming STEM Camps.