ODU Student Chapter Recognized with Awards


Over the last three days of last week, we received the following commendations from ASCE National (letters and certificate attached):

  • 2015 Certification of Commendation (given to only the top 15% of ASCE Student Chapters)
  • 2015 Letter of Significant Improvement
  • 2015 Letter of Recognition of Community Service

As you know, this is quite an honor and a testimony to the student officers and members of the student chapter who were involved in these efforts.  Both Jeff Shaffer (president) and Albert To (vice-president) played key roles in the activities of the student chapter in 2014 as did the other officers.  The success of the chapter also reflects the support received from the Section and the Branch which encourages and enables our students to have this level of activity.  We are grateful for the superb relationship we have with the Section and Branch and want to thank you for your continued support.   And next year, we shoot for a Ridgway.

Gary Schafran, Ph.D.
Professor and Department Chair
Civil and Environmental Engineering Department

Download (PDF, 211KB)

Download (PDF, 65KB)

Download (PDF, 65KB)