Maurer and Green receive the 2016 Normal Medal

norman medal_maurer

With great pride & honour, we announce that Brett Maurer and Dr. Russell Green have been awarded the prestigious 2016 Norman Medal. Mr. Maurer is a doctoral candidate in the Geotechnical Engineering Program area in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Virginia Tech; Dr. Green is Maurer’s research advisor and a Professor in the Geotechnical Engineering Program area.

In the continuing effort to enhance communications between ASCE Headquarters and the Regions, Sections, and Branches, Geographic Services  have awarded Maurer & Dr. Green the 2016 Norman Medal  for their paper titled, “Evaluation of the Liquefaction Potential Index for Assessing Liquefaction Hazard in Christchurch, New Zealand,” Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering, July 2014.”

The Norman Medal of the American Society of Civil Engineers was instituted and endowed in 1872 by George H. Norman, M.ASCE. With the assent and the approval of the donors, on June 1, 1897, the Society assumed responsibility for the payment in perpetuity of the Norman Medal.

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